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The office is specialized in filing and protecting patents in Greece, Europe, the USA and internationally.

The office is also actively involved in shaping the new legal framework for patents in Greece.

In Europe, a patent may be granted for an invention, i.e. a technical solution to a technical problem which is new, involves an inventive step and is capable of industrial exploitation. The invention may relate to a product, process and / or use. Anything that is intangible and / or theoretical cannot be protected by a patent.

In the US, anything that is new and useful can be protected with a patent (utility patent).

In the case of computer programs and software in general, in the US, it may be protected by a patent. In Europe software is excluded from the possibility of patent protection. However, there are ways to patent such an invention.

The term of protection of a patent is 20 years and is subject to annual renewal fees to maintain the patent in force. Obtaining a patent adds value to modern business, as it provides a competitive advantage to the business, as it provides a monopoly on the subject matter of the protected invention, for as long as the patent remains in force.


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